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MetaProfile provides EPG metadata enriched with high resolution images for movies, shows, series, episodes and sports event. Along with metadata processing work we offer over +3.000 channels including detailed information about TV series and TV shows as well as theatre and TV movies. We cover enriched TV data for 19 countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, UK, France and Spain

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One of the best World sources for TV and movie data which serves big clients across the globe. Entertainment IPTV and on-line guides as well as mobile applications rely on MetaProfile TV wide range of descriptive info (TV Schedules, IPTV Operator line-ups, Core program data and more)

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TvProfil mobile application counts 500k+ downloads and covers TV schedule data (movies, shows, sports and documentary content) for 18 countries. It uses full scope of MetaProfile TV metadata to enrich content for their users.


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If you are a big IPTV provider, or just starting, MetaProfile is here to enrich your TV interfaces with high end and quality TV content. Our EPG system has over 3.000 channels with all relevant TV metadata and every week we are adding new lineups to our database. Contact us for a trial and experience best EPG structures on the market.