Improving your metadata quality, accuracy and relevance

EPG Metadata sourcing

With 12+ years in data processing projects, coverage across 70+ countries and 6.5k+ channels, our team has mastered all types of data grabbing, analytics and processing techniques.

TV content care

We take special care of important TV content by real time metadata normalization, enrichment, management and fine tuning to achieve maximum accuracy and content quality.

Global Sport Hub

We are enriching your sport content by ensuring high resolution photos and specific sport event images, enhanced with live score statistics through collaboration with our highly specialized 3rd party associates.

Media Analytics in Sports & Entertainment

We track over 6.500 linear TV and Streaming channels all over the World. We’re here to give you a fast and accurate insights where and when your movie, show or sport content will be on air on TV or OTT.

IPTV development

Working with leading Telco operators in Europe, we have strong expertise in IPTV development with focus on IPTV apps and interfaces.

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