MetaProfile Global Sports Hub represents a unique and most completed sports content platform designed to help sports content publishers, broadcasters and media analytics companies to retain and unlock their sports content value. It ensures high quality sports metadata and adds value to providers live sport feeds. With more than 2.500 fully enriched channels airing sports, across 6 continents and 70+ countries, Global Sports Hub has a goal to help our partners deliver the best sports experience, increase viewer engagement and take full control over their sports content.

Sports EPG metadata

EPG and enriched sports events for all Live TV channels. Premium organization and validation of all schedules from the major and small Sports TV Broadcasters around the world.

Premium sport imagery

Unique team vs team and player vs player imagery with highlighted “start player” poster boosting engagement and attractiveness off every TV interface.

Sport live scores and highlights

All major sports and leagues live scores, stats feeds, pre-match and In-play data provided through collaboration with highly specialized 3rd party sport associates and integrated within the EPG through one unique and standardized MetaProfile Sports ID.

Sports Widgets

Simple iframe integration of all stats feeds, pre-match and in-play visual possibilities with localized designed adjusted to fit all screen.

Premium EPG metadata for all sport channels in the world

MetaProfile Global Sports metadata offers coverage for 2.500+ channels which air sports across all continents and 70+ countries. By collecting, preparing, and enriching sport metadata from all small and big Sport Broadcasts around the world, MetaProfile Sport engine processes over 3.2M program events per year by enriching every sport event with unique team vs team, player vs player or event specific imagery.

High-resolution sport event landscape covers, club and league logos

It’s time to end plain and meaningless sport content images and help you connect with your viewers on much higher and emotional level. Each country, sport, league, or event has its history and fans. They all deserve much more while browsing sports EPG. That is why our sports team created large and unique image base where each event has dedicated image which is emotionally and directly connected with sport EPG. Thanks to our advanced sport automatization engine and smart keyword matching tool, each event across 2.5k sports airing channels and 70+ countries can be easily fueled with right image and right league, club or event logo.

Next Generation Sports Entertainment

Increase your sport TV pages attractiveness and interactivity with additional pre & during the match team stats & events for more than 2.000 sport leagues and all major sports and events. By integrating enriched Sports EPG with all major sports and leagues live scores, stats feeds, pre-match and In-play data through one unique and standardized MetaProfile Sports ID, Global Sport Hub has become central place for best worldwide sports metadata content.

Sports widgets

MetaProfile Sports Widgets will help you build a next-gen live score product without any integrations and development. Its ready-to-use sports live score and stats modules fully branded to achieve seamless look and feel experience. For any major sport league across the world, our Sport Widget will help you increase customer engagement with localized visualizations of events, matches, players, and teams.

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