EPG data for channels across the Europe

Based on specialized EPG system, MetaProfile TV offers rich TV schedule in XMLTV and Excel formats. XML format is designed for XMLTV standard, which is required by all IPTV / Cable and DVB-T providers. Along with enhanced data managing and distribution process, MetaProfile TV offers EPG data for over 3000 channels across the Europe and from more than hundreds reliable resources including detailed information about TV series and TV shows as well as information about theatre and TV movies.

Quality EPG data and cloud-based data delivery

Easy, flexible and reliable plug and play data delivery is available via direct export to client server or through powerful set of data delivery API’s. Data synchronization is enabled according to clients’ needs, client’s time schedule regulations and standards.

Detailed EPG data for all possible screens

MetaProfile TV is one of the best European sources for TV and movie data which serves big clients across the Europe. Entertainment IPTV and on-line guides as well as mobile applications rely on MetaProfile TV wide range of descriptive info.

In addition to basic broadcast metadata such as program and episode title, country and year of production, duration, and genre we are providing:

  1. Film cast in a structured display (e. g. director and 3 lead actors), screenwriters and other actors
  2. Broadcasting images in different formats (posters, pictures)
  3. Episode and season numbers
  4. Multilanguage data titles and descriptions
  5. TvProfil and Parental Rating
  6. Technical Metadata (rerun, live, aspect ratio, definition, subtitles, sound)