EPG System Details

Advanced in-house EPG enabler

MetaProfile TV EPG system represents advanced EPG solution and EPG enabler with purpose to provide, manage and broadcast full service EPG data optimized and designed for all IPTV/Cable/ DVB-T and Web TV platforms.

Easy access to catch up programmes and VoD

EPG System provides EPG which is including access to catch up programmes and VoD with complete TV advanced rich media content. With easy to handle features and functionalities, EPG System among the others provides:

  1. Editing, administration and management EPG data operations
  2. Advanced EPG mail processing
  3. Enhanced channels, TV content and image editor
  4. TV Statistics with channels status and its popularity

Advanced editing and managing options

For each TV channel EPG System provides various editing and managing options:

  1. Basic information about the channel
  2. Complete channel configuration
  3. Type of file import (URL, Upload, e-mail)
  4. Class selection for parsing document (CSV, DOC, RTF, TXT, XLS, XML)
  5. EPG process time chronology
  6. Testing and parsing imported documents/data
  7. Determination of update period
  8. Cutting the Document by string or by regular expression
  9. Editing additional channel info and logo
  10. Other EPG date management operations

Design to meet and exceed customer’s expectations

For more than 10 years, EPG System was developed and designed to save daily operational costs and increase customer satisfaction for any IPTV, internet or mobile entertainment provider:

  1. Reduce cost for reorganizing and importing difference EPG data files
  2. Reduce cost for lacking the value added responsive support
  3. Enable data aggregation from any available resource
  4. Increases customer satisfaction by normalizing the data with rigorous quality standards